Frio Canyon EMS

Frio Canyon EMS Frio Canyon EMS Frio Canyon EMS Frio Canyon EMS Frio Canyon EMS Frio Canyon EMS

Frio Canyon EMS Statement of Purpose

  • To provide prompt response to calls for medical emergencies
  • To provide efficient medical service to all members of the community.
  • To increase the number of working team members and keep up-to-date on all current medical procedures by way continuing education classes.
  • To maintain the organization in a manner that will result in improvements from year to year.
  • To maintain the good image of the Frio Canyon Emergency Medical Service in the community.

The FCEMS was established in 1975, by concerned members of the community and the local chapter of the Lion's Club. The residents of the Frio Canyon owe these people a debt of gratitude for having the foresight to organize an emergency medical service where none had previously existed.

Frio Canyon EMS
EMS Team

Frio Canyon EMS
EMS Board

Information Center:

Emergency Phone #: 911
Real County Sheriff's Office: 830-232-5201
EMS office: 830-232-5299
EMS location: 185 Fifth Street in Leakey, TX
EMS mailing address: P.O. Box 803, Leakey, TX 78873
EMS Email :

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Are you interested in joining the FCEMS as a volunteer medic or ambulance driver?
If you are interested in this, please call us at 830-232-5299 or stop by our office Tuesday through Friday, from 8AM to 5PM. 

Frio Canyon EMS Medics:

Karen Barnum, Paramedic, EMT-LPFrio Canyon EMS
Steve Gray, AEMT, EMT-Basic Frio Canyon EMS
Rick Thomas, EMT-B Frio Canyon EMS
Sherri Sollers, ECAFrio Canyon EMS
Shelly Collins, ECA Frio Canyon EMS
Marco Carrizales, ECA Frio Canyon EMS
Shelby Rasco, ECA Frio Canyon EMS
Donna Cone, ECA Frio Canyon EMS
Troy Wright, ECA Frio Canyon EMS


*EMT-LP is an Emergency Medical Technician, Licensed Paramedic
*EMT-P is an Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic
*EMT-I is an Emergency Medical Technician, Intermediate
*EMT-B is an Emergency Medical Technician, Basic
*ECA is an Emergency Care Attendant
*ACLS is Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support




Frio Canyon EMS Drivers Frio Canyon EMS

Greg Mutchler
Clay Atchison
Richerd SOllers
Ernest Samples
Greg Mutchler

FCEMS Office Staff

Administrator : Rick Thomas
Assistant Administrator : Sherri Sollers

FCEMS Board of Directors

Ed Mack, President
Troy Wright, Vice President
Karen Barnum, Secretary
Cathy Dietz, Treasurer
Clay Atchison, Director
Randy Crispin, Director
Carol Price, Director
Punchy Riley, Director
David Mccafferty , Director